Teambuilding and Corporate Health & Wellness

“Laughter Yoga is a healthy living support tool that helps individuals adopt and maintain healthy behaviors while helping your company achieve its full potential.”

Let one of our popular laughter yoga teambuilding programs be the key to your overall success: We’re happy to design a service and solution to improve the health, energy and attitudes in your workplace or group with our:

60-Minute Hour of Power Laughter Campaign * 4-12 Week Teambuilding Programs * The Invigorator

If you’re looking for a wellness program to help your employees manage stress, give them greater confidence, help them make healthier lifestyle choices and increase their productivity, then why not try the workplace initiative that’s been used by Google and BBC to keep their own employees happy, healthy and motivated?

The goal of our Signature Laughter Yoga Wellness Solution is for it to work it’s way into the very fabric of your organization. When this happens, wellness becomes part of your workplace culture and that’s when you start to enjoy the big benefits of having a wellness program.

Try us out for free, then ask your employees what they think. It won’t cost you a dime, there’s no commitment and it helps your employees feel like their input matters.


We’ll meet with you one-on-one to discuss the goals of your wellness program. Then, once we come up with a design that fits, we’ll provide you with input, guidance, and ideas along the way to help keep your wellness program going. This includes help to:

  1. Educate and create awareness

  2. Motivate

  3. Teach health promoting skills

  4. Create healthy culture and encourage social support


“We had so much fun! We all laughed non-stop the entire time!! This was just the medicine we needed.”

Our Hour of Power Laughter Campaign provides a unique and effective program to boost employee health, improve corporate culture and create lasting positive organizational change.

The Hour of Power Laughter Campaign will:

  • Improve communication and teamwork

  • Reduced physical and emotional tension

  • Build a sense of community

  • Enhance workplace creativity

Process: Aimed at improving communication and teamwork, this 60-minute Laughter Yoga program includes a mix of aerobic laughter exercises, deep breathing, a relaxing guided visualization and a short, structured debriefing to discuss the steps involved to incorporate the learning into daily life.


“An epic teambuilding activity! Our group absolutely loves this! We continue to receive takeaways that we’re able to implement into our daily lives.”

Looking for a way to create a more positive, productive, cohesive work environment? Our 4-12 Week Laughter Yoga Teambuilding Program PROGRAM is the answer. Your employees will experience tapping into this powerful medicine through an interactive Laughter Yoga session.

Our 4-12 Week Laughter Yoga Teambuilding Programwill:

  • Transform your work environment through a comprehensive program that creates a culture of personal and professional accountability.

  • Improve cooperation among departments.

  • Increases positive communication.

  • Reduce stress levels to improve mental, emotional, and physical health, as well as productivity and relationships.

Process:  Delivered over the course of 4-12 weeks and aimed at improving communication and teamwork in 60-minute increments, this mood-boosting and empowering Laughter Yoga program includes everything in our Hour of Power Laughter Campaign as well as an advanced laughter meditation practice that participants can use at their desk or at home to reduce workplace anxiety.  


“After only five minutes, the Invigorator energized our audience. The feedback we got was immediate and very positive. I’d recommend Slash to any meeting planner.

Is it mandatory that your employees attend workplace trainings? If your answer is yes, it’s likely that your employees view these trainings as painfully boring, right? 

If you’re frustrated with trying to force everyone to pay attention, it may be time to time to shorten your learning curve and bring in The Invigorator.

The Invigorator will:

  • Quickly energize your early morning meetings by kick-starting a good mood and a receptive state of mind

  • Increase attention span by breaking up your long training sessions and seminars while improving efficiency and performance

  • Build a sense of community and help build workplace creativity

Process: After a brief introduction to the benefits of unconditional laughter, your Invigorator will lead your audience and/or team through interactive laughter and breathing exercises in one or more increments of 5-7 minutes.