Motivational & Interactive Keynotes

“a truly transformational experience.”

Although keynotes* are typically between 30 and 75 minutes, programs can be customized to fit your group’s needs. Just ask! 

Overview: Each keynote is designed to not only leave listeners inspired, but also give them a quick cardio workout, utilizing gentle laughter-based exercises and deep breathing techniques that will allow them to feel more relaxed instantly.

Topics: Stress Management, Life Balance, Employee Engagement & Retention

Areas: Business, Corporate, Healthcare, Education

Benefits: Release the negative effects of stress in the body and mind | Improve morale and performance | Convert disparate groups into a cooperative team | Promote a positive and receptive frame of mind and an improved sense of wellbeing | Enhance efficiency levels and maximize performance

Reducing stress increases cooperation among departments and employees. When calm and focused, there is a noticeable reduction in negative emotions, which improves interaction and positive communication.

* The following interactive health and wellness presentations described below are the most popular for corporations, associations, and non-profit organizations.

Topic 1: The Surprising and Dangerous Science of Laughter 

“Slash was terrific. Not only did he have a great message for our audience, but he understood them.”

Is it possible to recapture the magic we knew as kids, the same magic that allowed us to transform any given moment through silliness, joy and by making things possible that once seemed impossible? Join certified laughter yoga leader and acclaimed author Slash Coleman on a unique and revelatory journey as he helps you reimagine and rediscover what it’s like to live a more sensible, virtuous and joyful life. 

Though a life-changing yearlong experiment using a formal system of inducing laughter called Laughter Yoga, Slash will expand your understanding of happiness and inspire you with what he’s learned since founding Laughter Yoga Richmond, hosting weekly laughter club sessions, laughter flash mobs, laughter event fluffing, laughing darshan and what it’s been like to help participants suffering from emotional and physical pain navigate life with greater ease and grace. 

Topic 2: Laugh Yourself Healthy: Stress Relief and Laughter Wellness in the Workplace

“Thanks for helping us produce the most successful and unique sales meeting we’ve ever had.”

You might be surprised by how much more reactive to stress you are when you’ve had a stressful morning. By the time you gulp down your Starbucks, dodge traffic, drop the kids off at school and pull into work, your stress levels are probably off the charts.

If you’re ready to improve your health, gain a more positive mental attitude, and experience a simple, effective and scientifically validated strategy for dissolving stress, then join certified laughter yoga leader and acclaimed author Slash Coleman as he helps you reimagine and rediscover what it’s like to live a more sensible, joyful and stress-free life. 

The Laugh Yourself Healthy interactive keynote is focused on stressors in the workplace and laughter strategies to alleviate them. Customized based on your organization’s needs, Slash’s goal is to provide easy, practical applications that:

  • Reduce employe absenteeism and employee illness.

  • Reduce stress levels that will in-turn reduce the reoccurrence of headaches, tension, stomach problems, fatigue, and a multitude of other health issues.

  • Improve productivity and relationships.

Topic 3: Following Your Courageous Heart: Community Service Work and Volunteerism

“Slash was phenomenal! Our attendees absolutely loved him!”

Ever wonder how making a positive difference for others, for your community and for the world can lead to a fulfilling life? Join certified laughter yoga leader and acclaimed author Slash Coleman as he leads you on an intimate and imaginative journey and explains not only how a unique series of life-changing volunteer positions changed his life, but also how volunteering within your own community can provide an element of giving back that is guaranteed to enrich your life.

With a sense of inclusiveness, kindness, and fairness, this motivational and interactive keynote is perfect for Volunteer Service Leaders, Nonprofit Executives, Faith-Based Organization Leaders, Government Agency Personnel, and those interested in National Service Programs (AmeriCorps, VISTA, NCCC, and Senior Corps staff and members) who are looking to discover why social relationships, which are intrinsic to volunteer work, are critical to individual and community well-being.